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What is Singapore Math?

Math is Math all around the world. However, the way concepts are introduced, the arrangement of the curriculum, and the pedagogical methods used to teach math are not the same. Singapore Math essentially encompasses the curriculum (the way it is organized and introduced), and the teaching methods. This highly effective teaching method was first developed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education for Singapore public schools.

Topics are covered in-depth and the focus is on strengthening conceptual understanding rather than procedural mastery (although procedural mastery is not ignored). Application of concepts is ever-present through word-problems that Singapore Math is known for.

The teaching methods encourage students to “discover” the answer as well as articulate their thinking.  The skills learned here are lifelong skills that will benefit your child beyond math mastery.

Why is Singapore Math increasingly adopted in many countries?

Singapore Math has proven to be a highly successful way of teaching mathematics.  The evidence of the effectiveness is seen in international surveys by TIMSS (Trends in International Math & Science Study) and PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) that has ranked Singapore at the top since 1995.

In the most recent TIMSS test, 54% of Singapore students scored at the “Advanced Benchmark” level as opposed to 14% in the US.  The “Advanced Benchmark” is defined as:

“Students can apply their understanding and knowledge in a variety of relatively complex situations and explain their reasoning."

What is the Seriously Addictive Math (SAM) program? Is it Math tutoring?

The SAM program is a thoughtfully developed in-depth math curriculum modeled after Singapore Math. A tutoring program typically covers material externally provided by another entity such as the local school.

The SAM program offers a level of consistency and rigor that are not typically found in the decentralized implementation of core curriculum in the US.

How does the SAM program work?

The program has two components.  A sixty minute a week Classroom Experience and Worksheet Experience. 

The Classroom Experience, conducted by Certified S.A.M Trainers, engages students with dialogue, probing questions, props, games and a healthy dose of encouragement. The idea is to make learning fun and memorable through an array of interactive experiences.

The Worksheet Experience engages each student individually in their own designated time for study at home. This regime instills self-discipline and independent learning, both necessary skills required in all manner of learning, not just Mathematics. S.A.M worksheets are designed with narrative instructions and relevant examples before each topic commences. The volume of work and level of difficulty are all carefully calibrated to ensure that learning remains challenging yet fun for every student at S.A.M.


Your child learns through practice worksheets, in class and at home. Our worksheets are designed to hone the most relevant skills and methods for your child to excel in Singaporean Math. The pace of learning is specially calibrated for your child.

How does Seriously Addictive Math’s (SAM’s) curriculum correspond with my child’s school curriculum?

Many private schools in the Chicago area already use Singapore Math or elements of Singapore Math.  Many public school districts are also migrating towards Singapore Math. The Common Core curriculum developed in late 2000s was heavily informed by leading math programs around the world including Singapore Math.  The implementation of Common Core principles and hence the curriculum and delivery differ from school to school.

SAM curriculum corresponds very well with the curriculum in both public and private schools in the Chicago area.  In most cases SAM’s program is more comprehensive and explicitly focused on conceptual understanding and problem-solving.

Is SAM Singapore Math’s curriculum right for my child?

Yes, SAM’s program is based on Singapore Math which a global top-ranking curriculum.  As noted above it is increasingly being adopted in US schools.  More than 20 countries have also adopted the methods of Singapore Math.

My Child’s school already teaches Singapore Math. Will my child benefit from SAM’s program?

Your child will benefit from SAM’s program even if the school is already teaching Singapore Math.  Our curriculum is comprehensive and modular in nature.  As such we meet the students where they are in their math abilities and customize the curriculum to accelerate their learning. Basic and average ability students can progress to higher more challenging parts of the curriculum thereby building confidence in their own math abilities.  Advanced students can be further challenged with SAM’s curriculum.

When is the best time to start my child with SAM?

Most children can count before they can write. Some begin counting as early as 2 years old, but most begin by approximately 3 years old and some even later. The ability to count can be nurtured. The earlier they learn to understand the world of numbers, the earlier they make sense of a lot of other things around them. This is why many people associate this ability with intelligence.

It is important that children get their foundations right from the beginning. Counting by memorizing, for example, can only lead to problems later as numbers get more complex.

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